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Dear [Insert Hiring Manager’s Name]:

I am a Special Education Teacher with an employment background in the special education field in New York, USA. Equipped with many years of experience in teaching students diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, my aim is to apply my practical skills and knowledge in the Australian educational field by acquiring a permanent job position as an [Insert Job Position].

In line with this, I am writing to inquire on the possibility of working for your organization as a [Insert Job Position You are Applying For]. Upon seeing the job vacancy you posted in [Insert Where You Saw or Heard of the Job Vacancy], I immediately became interested to apply for the available position as I believe that my professional experience and background fits in the qualifications for the said job post.

I have finished my Master’s Degree in Education, major in Special Education in the [Insert Name of University]. I also took an online introductory course on the Early Start Denver Model in the UC Davis Mind Institute in California, USA. For eight years, I gained experience in working with cases of students with multiple disabilities including autism spectrum, ADD and ADHD, learning disabilities and other developmental delays, both in one-on-one and group settings.

In terms of knowledge, I am proficient in the curriculum development as well as in the individualized learning/education program development. I am also adept in psycho-educational assessment and in various behavioral and learning practices and approaches. Throughout my years of experience, I have become exceptional in organizational and time management and I am constantly recognized for my positive, enthusiastic, and compassionate personality.

Enclosed is my curriculum vitae which provides more details concerning my education and employment history. Thank you very much for your time and I hope to get the chance to further discuss my qualifications through an interview.


[Insert Name of Applicant]


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