Fair Use Policy

Smart Writer Fair Use Policy

*Updated as of August 1, 2023

This Fair Use Policy (the “Policy”) is an integral part of Smart Writer’s Terms and Conditions and is subject to the provisions, thereof. In case of any conflict between the Policy and other documents of Smart Writer, the provisions of this Policy shall prevail. At Smart Writer, we are committed to supporting students and providing them with valuable academic assistance. It is crucial to uphold academic integrity and use our services responsibly. This Policy outlines the proper use of our platform and the materials we provide.

What is Fair Use?

Smart Writer is designed to be an educational resource aimed to help students navigate their academic journey. Our primary goal is to offer various tools and materials that contribute to the development of the students’ knowledge and understanding of academic subjects. The papers and materials (hereinafter – “Materials”) obtained from Smart Writer should be utilized for educational and research purposes only. We strongly discourage any form of academic misconduct, including plagiarism and contract cheating.

How to Use Smart Writer’s Materials:

  1. Study and Understand: Utilize the Materials to gain a comprehensive idea and understanding of the topic or issue you are working on.
  2. Guidance and Requirements: Clarify the requirements of your academic task by using the Materials as a sample that aligns with those requirements.
  3. Research and Inquiry: Use the Materials as a basis or plan for your further research and academic inquiry. Develop your own original work based on the insights gained.
  4. Terminology and Concepts: Equip yourself with relevant terminological and conceptual knowledge from the Materials to enhance your academic discussions.
  5. Structuring Your Work: Structure your knowledge by using the logical framework provided in the Materials to develop your academic piece.
  6. Referencing and Citing: Use the Materials as a reference and resource to properly cite and quote the information in your own work.
  7. Opposing Views: Use the Materials to understand various perspectives and viewpoints, even if they differ from your own, and develop counterarguments in your writing.

Fair Use Guidelines:

  1. Original Work: Never submit any of the Materials acquired from Smart Writer as your own work. The Materials are intended to serve as educational examples and guidelines, not to be used directly for submission.
  2. Academic Integrity: Uphold academic integrity by following your academic institution’s regulations, state legislations, and Smart Writer’s Fair Use Policy. Do not engage in any form of academic misconduct.
  3. Plagiarism Prohibited: Plagiarism, using another’s work, words, or ideas without proper attribution, is strictly prohibited. Ensure that you always cite and reference the sources appropriately.
  4. Responsibility for Usage: Users are solely responsible for how they use the Materials provided by Smart Writer. Any misuse may lead to consequences determined by your academic institution and relevant laws.
  5. Authenticity Check: Before submitting your work, use appropriate software, such as Turnitin, to verify originality and ensure that it complies with academic integrity guidelines.

By using Smart Writer and its services, you agree to abide by this Fair Use Policy and acknowledge that the Materials are intended for educational purposes only. Smart Writer reserves the exclusive rights to distribute the Materials and grants users a non-exclusive license to use them in a non-commercial manner, without any further distribution.

If you disagree with this Policy or have any concerns, please refrain from accessing and using Smart Writer’s services.

For any inquiries or to report violations of academic integrity, please contact us at mysmartwriter@gmail.com We are committed to maintaining academic honesty and addressing any issues promptly.