Cover Letter 1

[Insert Name of Student]
[Insert Complete

Mr./Ms. ____________, HR Manager

The Midland, 16 Peter Street,

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England


[Insert Date]


Dear Mr./Ms. ____________,

Re: Job Vacancy – Human Resource Officer

I am writing to inquire about the possibility of working for your organization as a Human Resource Officer, as stated in the job vacancy that was recently posted through the _____________. Enclosed is my curriculum vitae, which provides complete details regarding my education and employment history.

Upon seeing the job advertisement you posted, I immediately gained interest in applying for the available position, given my extensive knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management. Currently, I am taking up the [Insert Name of Program/Course] at the [Insert College/University]. One of the core units in this course is Human Resource Management, wherein students are taught both the fundamentals and advanced knowledge in the management of the workforce. Through this educational program, I was able to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of resource-based strategic HRM, labor supply and demand, and employee training and development. Because of my solid academic training in the university’s ____________ program, I believe that I am capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of an HR Officer, which involves basic tasks in recruitment and selection, providing assistance with payroll control, conducting manpower planning, as well as supporting the hotel’s HR strategy as a whole.

In addition, I also believe that I am capable of performing the basic administrative functions involved in this position. This is due to my internship experience at [Insert Company Name] in China, wherein I performed various administrative tasks and duties. Apart from taking up ___________, I also acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Communication in the same university. Through this educational experience, I was able to develop my business communication skills as well as my decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical skills, which are important in performing the roles of an HR Officer. Moreover, I was able to master my teamwork skills through this course, which made me effective in engaging and establishing business relationships with people from diverse cultures, another important quality of a good HR Officer.

My desire to work in your organization goes beyond the skills and personal abilities that I believe will help your business further achieve its goals. I strongly believe that I possess not only the skills but also the character to fulfill the roles of this position with respect to your organizational culture and values. Thank you very much for reading my application request. I hope that I will get the chance to meet you in person so that I can further discuss my qualifications through an interview.

Yours sincerely,


[Insert Name of Applicant]


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