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Promoting the use of emergency medical systems is our main business goal and one of our core products is a type of emergence medical system known as medical ID tags. A medical ID tag is not an insurance benefit but a medical emblem attached in various kinds of special jewelries that contain important medical information about the person wearing it. At present, our medical ID tags are being worn by fighter pilots and rescue units of the Air Force.

Essentially, medical ID tags are being used for the purpose of providing important information regarding a person’s health or medical condition. The information contained in a medical ID tag is very critical for any person receiving initial hospital care. It provides identification for patients particularly those do not have the capacity to communicate due to their unconscious state as well as those who have no companion. As a matter of fact, even children with special needs can benefit from this product as it provides a faster, safer and more accurate means to facilitate medical assistance among all types of patients. Because of its remarkable benefit, the use of medical ID tag is being supported by various hospitals and healthcare institutions.

In line with this, I am looking forward to establishing a partnership effort with your institution in terms of endorsing the medical ID tag nationwide. Currently, there is a pending bill at the Congress which centers on promoting the use of emergency medical systems but unfortunately, this has not yet been approved. Nevertheless, endorsing the use of the medical ID tag is a significant move forward in advancing and improving emergency medical systems in our country. Hence, in building this partnership with a charitable medical institution such as your organization, our primary goal would be to raise awareness on the benefits that can be obtained from wearing the medical ID tag in the form of jewelry.

I am hoping to present to you the actual prototype of the product and would appreciate it if you can provide some insights and suggestions on how to further enhance the medical ID tag. I am also open for any mark-up on the product’s pricing, provided that I can still reach my target market and the product will not be overpriced.

I am sincerely looking forward to working with you in promoting standardized medical assistance with the medical ID tag and medical alert wallet card as our common denomination.

Thank you very much.



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