How Tesla Can Improve their Marketing Strategy in the UK Electric Car Market


            The British car and automotive industry is anticipated to experience continued growth and a more promising sales performance as the number of cars being registered within the UK continues to increase (Davies, 2017). Interestingly, the use of electric cars, also known as ‘alternatively fueled vehicles’ proves to be a growing trend especially among economically and environmentally-concerned drivers (Statista, 2016). As a matter of fact, there has been a significant rise in the number of electric vehicles being purchased by British consumers, based on the report recently published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in the UK (Davies, 2017). The company, Tesla, is known as a huge manufacturer of one of the most desirable brands of electric cars in the UK. In fact, Tesla’s electric cars are known for their quality, speed, and safety, that even surpasses other brands of vehicles ran by internal combustion engines (Dyer & Gregersen, 2016). Nevertheless, there remains to be a number of misconceptions and perceived disadvantages in buying electric cars such as Tesla, which hinders many British buyers from purchasing this type of car (Everitt, 2015).


            The main reason why a research study which focuses on Tesla has been chosen, is because a large number of British people still have varying opinions and attitudes towards purchasing electric vehicles, even up to this day. Based on a recent survey, 55% of the British consumers still have not thought about purchasing an electric car, primarily because of their pre-conceived notions of it being costly and inconvenient when used in certain situations (Department for Transport, 2016). Hence, the Tesla Inc., would be able to benefit from the insights that will be obtained from this study, especially in terms of improving their marketing strategies in the UK electric car market as well as influencing consumer perceptions about using electric cars, in general.

Research Aims/ Questions

            The primary aim of this research is to find out how Tesla may be able to improve its marketing strategies for an increased market share in the UK. The following are the research questions that will be answered in this study:

  • What are the UK consumers’ perceptions about using electric cars?
  • What are the UK consumers’ perceptions about Tesla’s electric cars?
  • What marketing strategies could Tesla use to improve its sales in the UK?


Literature Review

Tesla- Company Overview

            Tesla first began its business in 2003 in Silicon Valley. Tesla’s aim was to show that electric cars are better than normal cars and that it is highly affordable (Tesla, 2016). Despite the fact that Tesla’s sales for electric cars rapidly increased, the total sales of Tesla’s electric cars, when compared to the sales of normal cars in the UK still proved to be relatively low (Carrington, 2016). Because electric cars are environment- friendly, the UK government helps people [Access to some parts of the thesis paper has been limited] It is therefore important to find out what UK consumers think about electric cars and what marketing strategies Tesla could use to improve its sales in the UK.




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[Access to some parts of the thesis paper has been limited]


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