Collaboration Letter



[Insert Name of Recipient]

[Insert Address Line 1]

[Insert Address Line 2]





We would love to work with you! We have been closely following your social media accounts and have found that your bubbly and spirited personality perfectly resonates with what our brand represents.

I am [Your Name], the owner of [Your Business Name] located in [Business Location]. I am reaching out to you because, apart from being an avid fan and follower of your social media content, I would also like to propose a business collaboration with you.

Personally, I believe you are the ideal person to endorse and promote our salon, given your extensive social media following and significant influence online. Thus, it would be a wonderful opportunity if you’d agree to feature our salon in one of your YouTube vlogs or TikTok posts.

In return for your endorsement, we are excited to offer you a complimentary hair makeover along with hair treatment products for the next three (3) months. If this initial collaboration leads to a significant increase in our sales and customer inquiries, we are more than willing to compensate you with a talent fee for any of your subsequent content where our salon is mentioned and/or promoted.

At [Insert Name of Business], we are very much open to discussing the collaboration details with you, and we would be thrilled to establish a long-term partnership.

Should you be interested in our proposal, kindly contact me at +63XXXXXXXXXXX.

We can’t wait to work with you soon! Thank you very much for considering us.


Best regards,


[Name of Letter Sender]

[Insert Title/Position]

[Insert Address]

[Insert Contact Details]


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